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Testimonials From Our Wonderful Customers

  • Thank you for all the effort, extra time, and work you did on our car. Thank you for being patient with us stranded travelers from Nebraska! I'm glad we found you and I greatly appreciate your effort! Thanks!
    Dane & Peter
  • On September 9th I limped my Jetta Diesel to your shop. The Jetta developed a coolant leak heading west from Cheyenne, I was in the second day of a 3 week trip to follow the Lewis and Clark trail to the Pacific. You stopped the work you were doing to diaignos the Jetta problem then phones all over to find the part and finally found it in Seattle. Then had it express shipped to Laramie overnight. You had me back on the road the next morning before noon and really rescued my trip of a lifetime! Thanks so much.
    Ken K.
  • We've made it to Glacier! Other than the brake lights (turns out it was replaced in April with a poor parts) and little squeaking when we start it up in the morning. It's doing great. Thanks again for helping us keep on truckin'. We're headed to Banff on Tuesday the down into the Badlands and on home. Hope you all are doing good, and that you haven't had to fix anymore Westies!
    The Wilbourns
  • Thank you all for taking care of my car when I experienced problems outside of Laramie on my way to San Francisco. I arrived without any further problems and do appreciate you taking care of things so quickly.